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Current Conditions at Reedview
Updated:  8/22/18  12:04am EDT
Sun & Moon Information:
Temp: 66.9°F
Barometer: 29.84 in
Rate: -0.001 in/hr
Wind Direction: NE (45°)
Wind Speed: 0.0 mph
Wind Gust: 3.1 mph
Humidity: 77%
Dewpoint: 59.5°F
Heat Index: 70.8°F
Wind Chill: 66.9°F
Sunrise: 6:46 AM EDT Moon Phase:
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Waxing Gibbous
Sunset: 8:22 PM EDT
Morning Twilight: 6:16 AM EDT
Evening Twilight: 8:52 PM EDT
Moonrise: 6:18 PM EDT
Moonset: 3:05 AM EDT
Moon Age: 10.887 days
(since last new moon)   

Detailed Conditions at Reedview
Updated:  8/22/18  12:04am EDT
Parameter Value High Time Low Time Rate
( /hr)
Time Rate
Outside Temp 66.9°F 67.1°F 12:00am 66.9°F 12:01am -1.61°F -1.46°F 12:03am -1.70°F 12:01am
Humidity 77% 77% 12:00am 76% 12:00am 7.9% 8.4% 12:00am 6.9% 12:04am
Dew Point 59.5°F 59.7°F 12:00am 59.1°F 12:04am 1.51°F 1.80°F 12:00am 1.16°F 12:04am
Comfort Index Comfortable                  
Barometer-rel 29.84in 29.85in 12:00am 29.84in 12:01am -0.001in 0.011in 12:00am -0.001in 12:01am
Barometer-abs 28.42in 28.43in 12:00am 28.42in 12:01am -0.001in 0.011in 12:00am -0.001in 12:01am
Wind Direction NE (45°)                  
Wind Speed 0.0mph 3.6mph 12:00am              
Wind Gust 3.1mph 3.6mph 12:00am              
Beaufort Calm                  
Heat Index 70.8°F 70.9°F 12:00am 70.6°F 12:04am          
Wind Chill 66.9°F 67.1°F 12:00am 66.9°F 12:01am          
Rain-1hr 0.00in                  
Rain-24hr 0.00in                  
Rain-Month 0.06in                  
Indoor Temp 74.8°F 74.8°F 12:00am 74.8°F 12:00am          
Indoor Hum 32% 32% 12:00am 32% 12:00am          
Pressure Alt 1420ft                  
Cloud Base 1859ft                  


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